Welcome to the Family Cottage   

This is the family cottage, located on Georgian Bay in north central Ontario, Canada. It has been the family summer getaway location for over 50 years.

The cottage is located on an island, which helps get you "away from it all." There are many other cottages in the area, but they are not located right on top of one another, so everyone can have their own space. Since the cottages are on islands, everyone has to have access to a boat in order to get to their cottages.

Also because the cottage is on an island, regular creature comforts are a little different from what one is used to at home.  For example, there is no commercial electricity on the island, so the cottage is powered by solar electricty.  The sun charges the battery during the day, which stores up energy to run lights at night.  Shown here is a shot of the solar electric panel array that sits on the roof of the cabin.

This is a view of our little harbor (and disintegrating boathouse!), which gives us a perfect place to park the boat and in which to go swimming. The waters of Georgian Bay are usually warm enough throughout the summer to go swimming, generally hanging around the low 70s.

Fishing is a popular sport among some in this area, though the take is not like it was when my grandfather first bought the place. But, you can still get decently-sized bass and the occasional Northern Pike. There are various ongoing local efforts to restock the area.

The sunsets at the cottage, though, are probably one of the best features.  Every night there is a different show, and it is usually glorious.  You never know what blend of colors you will get that night. Maybe they will be brilliant reds and oranges, or maybe some muted pinks and brilliant blues.  In looking through the sunset photos from the summer of 2001, it was difficult to pick only a few!  There's something about the combination of clouds, sun and water...

Learn more about Georgian Bay from the Georgian Bay Association.

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Updated July 24, 2014