Doug's Rabbits   

Meet my pet house rabbits:
This is Shadow.  I adopted Shadow along with his suspected brother, Midnight, from the SPCA as a bonded pair of buns (see photo of them together at the right).  After a couple of years Midnight got a bit too agressive so I had to separate them.  Shadow is a beautiful Havana, in a seal point color scheme.  Shadow loves to romp about outside his cage, doing aerial acrobatics aka "The Happy Bunny Dance."

This is Odie.  He is a rex who started out with a family from work but the daughter lost interest in this adorable bun and mom was tired of taking care of him.  Knowing that I had rabbits, I was asked if Odie could move in with the gang here.  Since he was coming with his own cage and accessories, I said "why not."  Odie is absolutely adorable and I think he thinks he is a dog because he likes to lick so much.  Almost on cue you can ask for "kisses" and he'll oblige with a lick on your nose or your face or hand.

Odie is now a traveled bun, too.  He had a bout with a blocked tear duct in his right eye and after the simple office procedure to clear it, he needed a week on antibiotic eye drops, three times a day.  Since it was the summer and we were headed to the cottage, it was a bit much to leave the medicine dosing with the bunny minders who look after the buns in our absence.  So, Odie was packed up and made the trip to the cottage.  He was a bit unnerved by the trip, but settled in to cottage living in about a day.  The trip back home a week later was an adventure since the area was under an extreme hot spell.  The logistics for stopping for supper caused a bit of pause since we didn't dare leave Odie in the car w/o the a/c running.  We ended up taking him in his travel box into the rest stop food court.  No one seemed to mind, and we were all able to enjoy the a/c.  I think, though, that Odie prefers to stay home!

Rabbits make terrific pets, being a lot like cats in terms of their independence, and they are also a lot of fun with each having their own personality.  My lot are caged most of the time because rabbits like to chew.  Some folks let house rabbits have the run of the domicile, but I wonder what they have left that hasn't been "bunnied!"  While rabbits can be easily litter box trained, they have a great love for shredding lamp cords, telephone cords, speaker wires, etc.

A tremendous resource for the care of house rabbits is the House Rabbit Society, click to their site to learn more about the care of house rabbits.

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Updated January 21, 2008